To promote community cohesion through Dialogue and Proximity.

We believe in an integrated vision of a sustainable, humane and social development, with People and their inherent, inviolable and inalienable dignity at the center of all motivations, decisions and actions.


MEERU | Abrir Caminho

MEERU | Abrir Caminho has been running since february 2019. Since then, we have come together to discuss and work nonstop with the certainty of the need to answer to the crises around the world. However, the path that each element of the team has taken started way before that, in the heart and testemony of each one of us.

These have been times of openness, availability, service and urgency. A path of caring, planning, dreaming and learning.

In each moment of action of MEERU | Abrir Caminho there is one central focus - the people we meet: people who teach us, who make us believe, who dream, think and make themselves available, people who are inspiring and who open themselves to others.

Our path in some numbers

We like words more than numbers. However, if we consider that behind each number there are infinite words, this has been more or less the case:

Funding of MEERU | Abrir Caminho
Refugee and Migrant people included and active in their local communities
Local Volunteers commited and mobilized for intercultural dialogue
Young people aware and active withing the welcoming of new people, cultures and religions

Our Goals

We walk towards a Common Humanity, guided by concrete goals:

Preparing the future

To raise awareness, train and mobilize different social groups, in order to build a common, more global and humane future, recognizing the lessons of the past and understanding the reality of the present

Promoting acceptance

To foster closeness, dialogue and acceptance regarding others as a endless and indispensable humane source of personal development and human coexistence.

Cultivating diversity

To promote – through intercultural dialogue – genuine acceptance and respect for the diversity and dynamics of ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic traditions, whilst recognizing our common humanity, as well as the absolute and inviolable value of human dignity.

Being part of the story

To develop an action coherent with our values, inspiring a paradigm shift in the community, one person at a time.

Create social transformation

To create mechanisms that encourage and enable change, combined with a sustainable development, for a more socially fair and inclusive world at a local, national and international level.

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Our Values

Guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we define as our fundamental values:


We believe in the power of building strong networks of people and organizations that have dialogue as an integrated solution in a response to complex problems. 


We believe in respectful relationships, which are based on the recognition of the importance and appreciation of each person's rights and dignity.


We believe that the reciprocal acceptance of each person's uniqueness and fragility is the starting point to, through a shared vision of the world, build cohesive communities. 


We believe that the development of cohesive communities is based on close relationships as a way of being, and as a way to promote unity in diversity.


We believe in the authenticity of proximity and trust relationships, which lead to the discovery of the potential, strengths and internal motivations of each person and the need to use them to serve their community.

Being part of the story

We believe in the transformative power of these values when embodied in the real choices and gestures that are part of everyday life.

Our Team

The names and faces of the MEERU team.

Isabel Martins da Silva
Coordination Team and Technical Team

Content and Training Director and Coordinator of MEERU Aproxima

Nicolau Osório
Technical Team

Resident Volunteer

Pedro Amaro Santos
Coordination Team

Executive Director and President of the Board

Beatriz Silva
Technical Team

Volunteer Coordinator

Ana Ferreira
Technical Team

Proximity Teams and Partnerships Coordinator (MEERU Aproxima)

Isabel Tootill
Coordination Team and Technical Team

Process Director and project Coordinator

Safaa Ibrahim
Technical Team

Intercultural Mediator and translator ARB-PT-ARB

Henrique Maia
Coordination Team

Financial Director and clear​Treasurer of the Board

Mariana Morais
Coordination Team

AMAL Coordinator and Vice-President of the Board

Rita Magalhães
Technical Team

Resident Volunteer

Alexandra Teixeira
Technical Team

Resident Volunteer

Get to know our Community

MEERU is composed by many more people.