Promoting empowerment through a storytelling program for refugee and migrant people.


A storytelling and empowerment program with 6 migrants and refugees living in Portugal and Serbia.

The project resulted in a toolkit and podcast with the life stories of the participants in the program. Each story is intended to be the starting point for deep reflections and meaningful conversations about its message.

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Results of the Project

Human Voices resulted in a toolkit and podcast that can be used as a pedagogical tool by communities such as schools, youth groups and NGOs. Click on the button below to get the PDF version of the toolkit.

The Stories

I know that we have to go on trying - try, try and try again. Keep on marching forward. There are scars from my past that I could not avoid bringing with me, but I won’t let them entrap me. Fear must remain in the past.

Ghufran Shlash - Rebuilding beautiful memories

So now telling my story helps me make peace with it. And I hope it can help someone else who is going through the same thing. Life does change.

Déo - Where's home, friend?

We have no plans to leave Portugal. I can’t imagine us living anywhere else. This country gave me an opportunity when I was lost. I was made welcome. In countries like mine, it’s not so easy to have this luck. So now I want to make the best of this safe place. 

Sarah Makuntima - A full house again

I’ve never found more welcoming people than here. Since my arrival, every experience has been positive. That’s the reason I can hope for a better future. Maybe one day me and my family can be together – I don’t know when, but one day.

Eric - A reason to hope

Now when I look back I see that the things that happened to me taught me that I cannot give up on myself. I mustn’t stop looking for solutions when a problem comes up - if one thing doesn’t work, try another. Today, three years later, I don't know what life holds, but we have everything to look forward to.

Sofia - A free woman, at last

And I want to try it. I could work as a forklift truck driver, cleaning up garbage, or tending gardens. As long as we can be together as a family, I'll be fine.

Buš Voci - One more time, going back

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